Put it out there!

Alright, so the title says 11 side hustle ideas, but it will end up being more than that… more like 11 categories, but there will be more than one idea for side businesses in most!  Also, this is the first part of this post with 6 here!

The first point I want to get across in this post is that, YOU HAVE TO PUT IT OUT THERE!  Don’t be afraid of just taking a leap and trying some of these side hustles, there is virtually no cost and no risk.

Some of the ideas are more of a “long term” play, meaning it’s a legitimate, nice business that you can build and scale up.  There are some ideas in this list that is just more of a “make money quickly” idea.

Let’s dive in!

1. Etsy

Etsy is a great platform with millions of users already online searching for products.  Originally, Etsy was mainly known for “handmade” products.  I know what you are thinking.. I can’t make anything!  Lucky for you, Etsy is now a marketplace that also allows digital products.

One of the most popular digital products on Etsy include; templates, resumes, business cards, and many other templates.  Are you good at resumes?  If you are, you can set up shop of providing custom resumes for people, you can create a few templates that your customers can choose from, then just plug in their information.  Easy, right?  visit www.etsy.com for more information, and sign up for free!


2. Ebay

So, if we had Etsy on here, what about the original “E”, Ebay!  Still a powerhouse in the online marketplace, many people are searching Ebay every single day for many items.  Much like Amazon, Ebay has many shoppers on their site with their credit cards already connected (through paypal), so they are always ready to pull the trigger.  There are 3 main ways to sell on ebay:

  • Have your own products (much like etsy)
  • Find deals and buy low, sell higher on ebay
  • Dropshipping

Many people will find deals on craigslist, or even free things and sell on ebay, much like flipping houses.  I do want to mention the Dropshipping idea for a second.

Dropshipping simply means that you don’t have the product, don’t need to hang on to it, don’t need to ship it!  Basically a website has many products available to you, and you only buy it when you sell, but yet you get to list it… if you would like more information on Dropshipping, visit www.dropshipdesign.com for more information.  They even have specific plans that you can link your ebay account to, and it pushes the pics, listings, and everything else right to your ebay!


3. Uber/Lyft

Driving for Uber/Lyft is probably the fastest way to earn money that exists on the planet!  Literally, you can sign up to drive for Uber/Lyft, and when approved, just turn the app on, and they bring business to you by you starting to give rides right away!

You can do this whatever hours you want, with your existing car (if it meets criteria).  A background check is performed, and some cities may require an inspection.  Other than that, there are no other barriers to entrance into the rideshare world.  As a part time side hustle, this fits the bill, with its flexibility and no cost to get in.

I wouldn’t suggest doing it full time or long term, as there will be a lot of mileage put onto your vehicle, but if your vehicle is perhaps paid off, and you aren’t concerned about mileage on the vehicle, then no worries.  This side hustle is also safer than you think, every ride is tracked, there is also a rating system for both drivers and riders.

Uber/Lyft also does pay bonuses that can range from $150 to as high as $1,000!  The only way to get bonuses is to sign up using a special code, lucky for you, I have those below.

For Uber click Here!

For Lyft click here! and enter floridalyft17 for the “promo code”

4. Real Estate

Being a Real Estate Agent is obviously a great full time career, but sometimes it fits the bill for someone part time also.  Many prospective buyers and sellers typically want to meet with agents either in the evening or weekends, making this profession a good one for someone to get into that has a regular “day job”.

This doesn’t mean that this would be an easy side hustle by any means!  It is a competitive market that will require for you to market yourself and look for business through networking both online and offline.  Typically Real Estate Agents are 1099 and free to put in whatever hours they can into this, therefore also making it a good side hustle/business for some.

You can’t just jump in without taking required courses and testing in your state in order to become “licensed”.  Depending on which state you are in, just google “real estate requirements in state”.


5. Insurance Agent

Much like Real Estate Agent above, being an Insurance Agent is obviously a full time career for many, but it’s flexible nature and 1099 relationship boasts well for a good side hustle/business.  The nice benefit to Insurance is that you can specialize as much or as little as you want.  You can specialize and offer only Life Insurance, or perhaps only insurance for businesses, or Medicare, etc…

There is typically no salary with being an agent, so this is a great part time opportunity to get some extra money.  Just like Real Estate, it will require a good amount of marketing and farming leads.  Creating a website and blog would be beneficial for Insurance, as more and more consumers are finding Insurance quotes this way.

Last note on the Insurance side hustle opportunity, I would join some sort of “independent” operation, so that you have the ability to stay competitive in the marketplace with consumers.  You don’t want to be pinned to just one company.  If you need suggestions on how to affiliate with, please do contact me, as I spent over 12 years in the Insurance industry.


6. Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Now before you say “I don’t want to be one of those people”, there are a lot of great MLM opportunities today.  I also believe that the way some people have sold MLM products, it has given it a bad name.  Like anything else, especially on Social Media, you want to add value as much as possible, along with information, and then do some selling of your MLM products.  Unfortunately, many MLM marketers do 80% selling, when it should be 20%.

Health products are probably the most popular on MLM platforms:

It Works is a really big one today – www.myitworks.com

HerbaLife is a classic – www.myherbalife.com

Advocare is similar to Herbalife – www.Advocare.com

I have met people that do MLM and are very successful and make a good amount of money each month from it, and I have seen others that don’t really make any money with it, but gave it a try.  Your milage may vary, but the entrance isn’t very high into these programs.  In my opinion, the best way to sell these products, is to be a success story, yourself.  Use the product, lose a bunch of weight, post all over social media, and you will get thousands of “likes” and inquires… promise!


Tune in soon for part 2 (5 more)

Feel free to comment below with thoughts on these!