29 Ways on how to get traffic to your website 2017

Alright, you have a website or blog set up, but now you need traffic to your website, or readers to come check it out, right?  Would be the same if you opened up a retail shop and had so many nice things inside for visitors to see, but there are no visitors!  I think we can both agree that the retail shop would be of no use to anyone.  Your website is sort of the same; it can be beautifully designed, great content, great information for your potential customers, but you do need potential customers to see it!

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Let’s dive in and talk about the 29 ways to get or increase traffic to your website or blog!

Alright, I know everyone is always on facebook, twitter, pinterest, or instagram, are you?  If you answered yes, then you need to take advantage of the links on those platforms as they all count as backlinks.  Let’s start with social media channels.

  1.  Facebook personal profiles now allow you to edit links for websites and social profiles.  Take advantage of this and update it now!  I see so many professionals that don’t have links on their profiles.  Don’t forget to have links on the business page also.
  2. Twitter also has the ability to have your link on your profile, this can get you a lot of clicks, for me it accounts for about 350 clicks per month!
  3. Instagram also allows for a link on your profile.  The great news on Instagram is that you can also link in the “story” feature on Instagram.  Again, this counts as a backlink, so use it.
  4. Pinterest is my favorite social media platform right now!  I began on Pinterest about 6 weeks ago with this website and I am getting over 350 visitors per day to my Pinterest boards, or about 10,000 a month!  You guessed it, Pinterest also offers the ability to have a link on your profile, just ensure you are using Pinterest as a business, then you will need to “verify” your website to have a “verified” link on Pinterest.
  5. Linkedin is a social media channel that most people forget about.  After all, it’s the network that people used to connect, just to connect!  Linkedin is becoming more and more active today; with a blogging platform, groups (sort of like facebook), job search, and connections.
  6. Youtube videos offer excellent SEO and of course, these days, video content is becoming more popular than text content.  Not sure what kind of videos to post?  Blog posts can easily become a slide show using power point or similar programs.  Perhaps you can create “How to” videos capturing the screen and showing someone how to do something.
  7. Google Plus has one of the best SEO rankings of all the social media channels (not surprising).  I know many people don’t actively use Google Plus, but there are some people over there, and of course Google algorithms love their own network.  A word to businesses that are “local”; Google reviews are a must!  They have the best SEO (Facebook is in 2nd).  If you don’t plan on using Google Plus much, still set up a profile and link, as you will get a boost in rankings by Google.
  8. Share all your blog posts or other important content, images, videos, announcements to all the above social media channels.  Content grows more and more legs, as people share on social media.
  9. Creating infographics for Pinterest and other avenues, such as piktochart and venngage are also a good idea.  Attention spans are short today, so people love to look at a lot of great information in pictures!  What a concept!
  10. Sharing buttons on your website or blog are crucial!  If someone comes across your article, it should be easy for that reader to simply click a button and share it to the social media platform of their choice.
  11. Niche forums are still alive and kicking.  Before facebook and other social media channels, online       forums were all the rage.  Well, certain niches are still very popular online.  Search google for “your niche forums” and you will see many.  Examples include; “pet forums”, “weight loss forums”, “fantasy football forums”, and the list goes on and on.
  12. Post to Reddit by finding subreddits and posting in relevant topics to your niche.  Make sure you become a member of the community first and read the rules.  Some subreddits don’t allow links or self promotion.  CLICK HERE for a great article and growth hack on Reddit.
  13. Product Hunt is a great place to submit your product to!  If you have an ebook, podcast, or various other digital products, submit it to Product Hunt.
  14. Triberr and Inbound are great community sites to submit your articles to.  As with anywhere, just don’t come across as spammy, but rather deliver value through your content.  These sites can provide substantial traffic depending on your niche.
  15. Email signatures are often overlooked.  If you have your own hosted website, I highly suggest using “name@yourdomain.com” and use that email even for daily use.  Have your company info, including website link in the signature to get some clicks that way.  I once landed a web design client, just by using that email with everyday use, by having someone respond and tell me they were looking for a web designer.
  16. Google News can certainly provide many clicks to your article.  It isn’t impossible to have your post be visibile on Google News, but there are strict guidelines.  Read THIS POST for more information including the link to submit.
  17. HARO (Help a reporter out) allows you to be interviewed or quoted by reporters looking for specific content.  You can receive daily emails that are relevant to your topic, giving you alerts of needed articles or people.  HARO is a great way to get a post to go viral.
  18. Business Cards aren’t widely used these days, since a lot is done from the laptop, but when you do use business cards, ensure that your website is on there.  In my DJ business, business cards are still alive and well.  Some people will put ONLY a website on their cards, which forces someone to go to your website to view your content, offers, and of course get a hold of you.
  19. Meetups can be a great source to meet new people, therefore having them check out your website.  Attend a Meetup group that is in your niche, or start one in your area!  Just like any other area online, ensure you have a great profile, and of course your link on Meetup.com.
  20. T-Shirts can serve as great advertising.  Sujan Patel gave away over 30,000 shirts free for his site Single Grain.  He received a whole lot of traffic and branding from this and estimated his revenue from this hack to be about over $500k.  Create some T Shirts of your brand and wear it around town, start with giving it to your friends and family, then conduct some give-aways on social media.  Doesn’t have to be 30,000!
  21. Snip.ly is a great tool that displays a small box with your information, or call to action.  As an example, you share a great article on social media by someone else, Snip.ly will put a small box at the bottom saying something like “visit our site”.  This way you can get people to visit your site even if the article isn’t yours.  The best part is, it’s FREE!  Check it out here
  22. Print Ads are not all the way dead.  There are many publications, magazine, and newspapers that have a great readership that can provide some traffic to your site.  You can advertise your website and some sort of “coupon code” that must be entered on your site’s contact form.  This way you will know where that potential customer came from.
  23. Ads can be a great way to reach an audience that is targeted.  Examples include; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Yahoo Ads, Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Bing, and basically any other online social media or platforms.
  24. Blog Posts you are writing can be a good source for blog posts you have written. Interlinking blog posts are great for the reader, and Google likes it too.  Let’s say you write about something and it has something to do with, or builds on something you wrote last month, you can provide a link to that old blog post.  It might sound something like this; “for more information on blah blah in more detail, visit here”
  25. Email your new blog posts and announcements from your site to your email list.  Don’t have an email list?  You should start now!  Check out a recent article on list building HERE.
  26. Create a Course on Udemy.  There is already a large audience and built in search engine, much like Etsy or other online marketplaces.  To find out more about Udemy, read the “Getting Started Guide”
  27. YELP is a great place to be listed if you are a physical business.  YELP has great SEO and of course reviews that consumers look at.  YELP also does provide options for advertising, but if you build up your reviews on that platform, you can stand out that way!
  28. Submit your website to ALLTop
  29. Comment on relevant blogs to your topic.  This means you don’t want to comment on a basket weaving website, if your website is about gaming.  The comment will do you no good since the audience of basket weaving won’t care to click on your website and check out gaming.


So, that is 29 ways to get traffic to your website in 2017!  There are many other ways to drive traffic, but I wanted to create this list as a mix of some very well known sources, along with sources that maybe you haven’t heard of before!

Comment below letting everyone know what has worked well for you!

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