How to Sell more MLM with Branding and Blogging

So you have products you would like to sell through a Network Marketing Company, or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company.  Hopefully you don’t want to be that person that your family tries to stay away from at family gatherings because all you do is discuss these products!  When you are passionate about a product or company, it is easy to do, I get it.  I spent many years in the Insurance industry, and was very passionate about my products, and I did the same!

But…. I assume you would like to sell your products to many many people out there, even people you don’t know, and better yet, they come to you!  That’s right, they come to you.  Interested?  Read on…

Why we need to shift how we sell MLM products today

Many MLM companies out there promote the model of “having a party” to display products and recruit new sellers.  Invite 20 friends over, some of them buy products, 3 of them become sellers, then those 3 hold a party and do the same.  While this is certainly a good model, I firmly believe that it will dry up after a few layers, then what is the plan to sell more?  Most people give it up after that initial surge of selling a lot of products, they run out of steam because YOUR PERSONAL NETWORK CAN’T BE YOUR ONLY MARKETING PLAN.

Think about it this way, if you were launching a business and went to a lender for a business loan, you would never get a loan if you told them your only plan to market would be to friends and family, it would never happen.  So now you may be asking, “who else can I sell to, and how?”


Distributor relationships everyday

Let’s explore what it really means to sell MLM products, or Network Marketing products.  If you decide to sell products for a company, they are just your DISTRIBUTOR, and shouldn’t define your whole business.  Let’s take a look at an example we all know very well.

When you walk into a grocery store, and see a nice section with many, juicy, red apples sitting there, where did they come from?  The grocery store didn’t go out back and grow them, pick them, and put it on display, did they?  No, they have a distributor that provides them with those apples, chances are it came from the midwest, or northwest.  The grocery store still sells them as their own, under their store, brand, etc…  They also do this with all their other products, they have many distributors that provide them with the milk, bread, pasta sauce, etc… but the grocery store is named one central brand name and advertises themselves as a whole.

As another example, you may have a mortgage or insurance broker that has several companies they write business for, but the most successful reps out there, typically brand themselves and their own agencies, and the products, are just that, a product.

So, how can we apply this to your MLM business?  Well, just think of your MLM company as the distributor, and you are the grocery store!  The product, and packaging, much like the apples, belong to the MLM company, but the branding, marketing, and selling of the product should all be part of your own brand.

Examples of Branding And MLM

Now that you know you should be your own grocery store, let’s look at some examples and strategy for how you should brand yourself.  Again, your distributor is just that, your source for products, but you should still have your own brand and content, in order to provide value to your prospects and customers.

Let’s check out a few examples of websites and people who do a great job at branding themselves, while selling a lot of MLM products.

The first one I want to look at is by an It Works Distributor that is very successful, here is the link

What I like about this blog is that Jackie uses the branding and colors of It Works, but makes it her own.  She also has an “about” section, a blog, and the “shop” links to the canned website that It Works provides.  This website gets a lot of traffic and ranks for several keywords.  This means she has a lot of traffic coming to her!

Another example, also by It Works is by another top rep, Denise Walsh, her link is here

This blog by Denise hasn’t even been updated much recently, but still gets a lot of traffic!  If you are looking for an MLM opportunity and stumble onto her website, how do you not want to join?  It is very inviting and she even has her phone number there to be a resource for you.

You could even take things a step further and create an LLC and have your MLM company pay that LLC.  Example, you create an LLC as “Healthy Living LLC” and that is what you advertise as your “business”, rather than “beachbody distributor”, or anything like that.  I am not going to lie, on facebook profiles, I would much rather see a title like “founder of Healthy Living LLC” with a link to a website, as a consumer, it makes me want to click it and ask, “what is this about?”

So, the ideal way to brand yourself is to start your own website, blog, or relevant content to put out to a potential customer base, add value!  See below for more about blogging and SEO.

Why Blogging matters? Why you need your own site, basics of SEO

I know what you are thinking right now…. I get my very own website by my MLM company.  Yes, you do, but it is just a “SHOP”, not a brand or website.  There isn’t a blog attached to it, there is no SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and of course, there is not enough of “YOU” in it!

Most people think about blogging and right away think about something that geeks or moms do as a diary, if you think of blogging as either of these, you are wrong!  Blogging in business is basically having your own magazine, creating content into the world.  Publishing your own articles.  The more articles you have out there, the better chance you have of being noticed by google, and readers.

You see, Google’s job is to provide searchers with the best result based on what you are looking for.  Let’s take a look at an example of how Google’s “user experience” works.

I type into Google, “Best video games for kids”

Google now searches through the universe of websites for the best result for me.  They will take the following into account (just a few examples, they look at way more)

  • Website is relevant to the information searched
  • Website is fairly updated
  • Keywords searched are actually on the website somewhere
  • Do other websites with high authority link to this website?

Now isn’t it a good thing that Google does this?  What if I searched for Best Video Games for kids, and they give me on the first page of results, websites that have not been updated since 2007.  That is 10 years ago, and surely this will not be the best information for me!  What if Google put websites on the first page that had content about games, but nothing about “kids” games.  This is why they look at words on a site!

Now, hopefully that makes sense, so back to your MLM product and website.  Can you see where having your own website, or blog with updated content on a normal basis, can put you in a position to gain many visitors coming to your website?  If you are selling Beauty MLM products as an example, you can post articles about the products themselves, but also anything related to beauty, so that you can have many visitors.  Once on your site, they can look around and stumble onto your products.

A quality website on WordPress can give you great SEO, a blog, and much higher chances to be seen by google as relevant for people searching for what you are selling!  Google doesn’t define “regularly updated”, but most agree that at least monthly is desired, with a target of weekly being more optimal.  If your website has 5 pages, every blog post, just added another page, therefore another chance of being suggested by Google.

For more information on gathering keywords for your new website or blog for your MLM products, click here for a post about keywords!

Start Blogging!

Social Media

Besides having a website/blog for your MLM business, Social Media is the obvious and first place to start.  Having a presence on the social media platforms that your audience will be at, will be key.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you should post nothing but product information and offer posts.  As a consumer, if I click on a page that has nothing but product info, I am not compelled to “follow” or “like” this page.  You want to follow the 80/20 rule, basically having 80% content that can help your audience, and 20% promotional content.

Remember, people like buying, not being sold to!

Since we are on the topic of Social Media, I would advise against having your personal Facebook profile populated with nothing but MLM product information.  Again, if I click on a profile of someone to check out what they do, and I see a Cover Photo with product or company info, maybe even a profile photo of company or product info, I am running!  Don’t appear spammy, but rather appear like a professional resource in whatever product category you are selling.

Facebook profiles now allow you to post multiple links, this is where you want to post your link.  Facebook also allows you to write a bio of sorts that people will see when they click your profile, have quick information of what you do there, again, without appearing spammy!


If you are serious about building a business, you will need to embrace the idea of providing content and value to potential customers.  You have many platforms to do this with; blogging, podcasting, social media, youtube videos, and much more!  I highly suggest reading Content Inc, a great book all about building an audience and a content based business.  I feel that this strongly applies to any industry, including MLM.

Keep in mind, your distributing company is just supplying your products, you are in charge of your own brand and business building!  Another good reason to have a brand of your own is it allows you to switch distributors if you wish!  You can be selling Advocare products under your “Healthy Living” brand name, but maybe end up switching or even adding Beachbody to it, without making it look like you just changed everything!

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